Delta Air Lines is proud to offer great deals for the customers on many popular Cuba destinations. If you are planning to visit Cuba to enjoy your holidays with your family then delta airline is a good option. Here you will get cheap airfare with more facilities as compared to other airlines. This airline provides booking schedules to its customers so they can get the best day to fly within their schedule.

Customers are eligible to cancel their tickets or reservations within 24 hours of booking and 7 days prior to departure. This airline offers you a wide variety of flight routes so that customers can book their every trip with confidence. You can enjoy or feel safe in your journey whether it’s your first-time visit or you are visiting Cuba again.

Daily Delta flights to Cuba

Delta Airlines has many customers who want to travel to Cuba. This airline provides services from Atlanta, and Miami to Havana, Cuba so tourists can fly without any hassle. All tourists can also take delta airlines flights from any domestic and international airports of different countries. Customers can book their tickets through all GDS channels these are, customer care and all travel agencies.  Delta Airlines is continuously increasing its services in Cuba so that they can provide many additional daily nonstop flights. Daily flights help customers to save money and time for their travel. There is no need to think or search for a fixed day for your trip.

Best Time to take Delta Air Lines Flight to Cuba

The best time to take delta airline flight to Cuba depends on the season because every different season airline introduced new offers. Whenever delta airlines give you offers to fly within in low price at that time you should have to purchase the ticket.

In peak season

Whenever you book a flight ticket in peak season you will have to pay an additional amount for your journey.  From June to July is considered as the highest crowd season of Cuba at this time most of the people visit this destination place. The crowds also depend on the seasons, with some seasons having more crowds than other seasons.


In the off season, you will get a lower price ticket which is a lower price than the normal day ticket price. If you want to save your money then you can choose the cheapest month to go to Cuba which is September. In this month people can also get a low price hotel room, rental car and other services, which help you to save your money.

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Cuba

If you are planning to book your flight to Cuba you can visit the delta airlines official sites. On the official site, you will get different options for your journey. These options help you to get the best fare option for your tour so you can easily visit Cuba. People should choose between these two airports Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) in Havana and Ignacio Agramonte International (CMW) in Camaguey. Other airports in Cuba mostly service regional flights for the customers. 

  • The round trip always helps you to save your money and time when you book your flight ticket to Cuba. Here you will get the best opportunities or different price range tickets for your journey.
  • People can book their flight tickets at least 3 weeks before the departure in order to get a below-average price ticket.
  • Customers should not purchase or travel at peak season times as airlines increase their prices to manage people due to heavy congestion at that time.
  • To get the best offers or low price tickets you should visit the official site of the airline after a period of time.

Get special discount on pre-booking ticket reservation

Whenever you make a plan for Cuba you need to book a flight ticket for your trip. If you want some best offers and special discounts on your ticket then you can pre-book your ticket. Pre-booking helps you to get the lower price ticket that saves your money. You can also choose the seat of your choice as all flight seats are empty in pre-booking. All passengers make a travel plan before departure. If they also book their flight tickets at the same time, these tickets help the passenger to save more money and time. This is why you should always pre-book your flight when you travel. Delta flights to Cuba sometimes offer low-cost tickets, at that time people should grab that opportunity.

Delta Airlines gives many Offers

Delta airlines give many offers to its customers so they can save their money and travel more. Travelers can visit the delta airlines official site then enter the preferred departure airport and travel dates on the given search bar. Here you can see many money-saving options for your tour. Otherwise, you can check on this website all available offers, packages and deals for your tour. This information helps you to make your tour plan under your budget.

Delta at Cuba airport

The main airport used by the delta airlines is Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) which is located in the town of Boyeros. This airport was formerly known as Rancho-Boyeros Airport and is only 9 meters from Havana. This airport provides its services to Delta airlines in Cuba and more than 25 international airlines. From this airport, people are also availing air services to 60 destinations in more than 30 countries. In this airport, you can see the five separate terminals one each dedicated to domestic flights, U.S. charter flights, international flights, Caribbean flights, and freight. At the airport, you will get the bus services that help you to travel between terminals. Most of the facilities are available in Terminal 3 because this is an international terminal. Here you will find most of the restaurants and shops, selling duty-free goods, books and magazines, souvenirs, cigars, and rum.

Travelers will get the services from the airport

  • You can take chartered shuttle buses for your tour outside the terminal.
  • People can also hire taxis outside each terminal.
  • Passengers will get the local buses outside Terminal 1. On this bus, only Cuban National Pesos (CUP) are accepted. They do not accept Convertible Pesos (CUC). 
  • If you want to take the rental car then you can ask the agencies that are located in the Arrivals area or outside parking.

Delta flight status Cuba

Whenever you plan to fly to Cuba you need to check the available flight status at Delta Airlines. Recently Delta Airlines offers several nonstop flights for customers so that they can fly to Cuba often without waiting. You can also check the status of available flights which helps you to make your trip plan. There are many ways to check flight status that you can check on a mobile, laptop and also call Delta Cuba Airport phone number. Passengers can check the status of their pre-booked tickets anytime using the PNR number. If your flight is at the right time then you can also do your check-in through the online facility. This online method helps you to save yourself from waiting in long queues. Sometimes due to the changes in weather delta airline changes its flight route and cancels the flight ticket. This problem is not generally faced by the customer. But sometimes people have to face these delays or cancellations. Delta Airlines always updates you about the status of your flight.

Popular Delta airlines flights to Cuba

  • Flights Miami to Cuba
  • Flights Houston to Cuba
  • Flights Cancun to Cuba
  • Flights Philadelphia to Cuba 
  • Flights Windsor to Cuba  
  • Flights Edmonton to Cuba   
  • Flights Phoenix to Cuba    
  • Flights USA to Cuba
  • Flights New York to Cuba
  • Flights Orlando to Cuba
  • Flights phoenix to Cuba 
  • Flights Regina to Cuba  
  • Flights Manchester to Cuba   
  • Flights Orleans to Cuba    
  • Flights Chicago to Cuba
  • Flights Boston to Cuba 
  • Flights Mexico to Cuba 
  • Flights Kansas city to Cuba  
  • Flights India to Cuba   
  • Flights Charlotte to Cuba   
  • Flights Atlanta to Cuba
  • Flights Florida to Cuba
  • Flights Toronto  to Cuba 
  • Flights Bahamas to Cuba  
  • Flights Winnipeg to Cuba   
  • Flights Nashville to Cuba    

Things to remember when you travel through Delta Air Lines to Cuba from America

There are some important terms and conditions applicable by both governments to travelers wanting to visit Cuba. 

  • American tourism to Cuba is still illegal. There are only a few categories between these countries that you can visit. These include travel for athletic competitions, educational research, family trips and more.
  • If the traveler has immigrated to the US before 1971 and has got US citizenship, then you have to take an H11 visa.
  • Those people are Cuban born US citizens who immigrated after 1971 they will need to carry the passport. When they visit Cuba they should have Cuba passport and have a US passport when they visit the US. 

About Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful country of undeniable charm with its lush green countryside, butter-soft balmy beaches, and colorful colonial cities. Havana is the capital of Cuba which is situated on the northwest coast, and is the most visited tourist in this country. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Havana was founded by the Spanish in 1519. In this city, you can see the important shipbuilding center which was built in the 17th century. 

Havana is famous for its most water-based activities. Here people can enjoy some water sports like snorkeling, diving, fishing and boating. But you can also enjoy some inland activities such as caving, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding and cycling.

Here you can enjoy the largest island in the Caribbean which is famous for the most diverse ecosystem in the world. There are many hotspots renowned for their exceptionally diverse terrestrial and marine ecosystems, ranging from montane cloud forests to tropical rainforests, to cactus scrubland.