Frontier Airlines is one of the best and popular American airlines that offer flights tickets at very cost-effective prices. You can also find lots of other benefits when you choose to fly with frontier airlines and make frontier airlines reservations which includes easy check-in facility if you carry baggage. 

Frontier airlines allow you to check-in with baggage by following some rules and restrictions. So it is recommended to read carefully and understand the terms & conditions and follow it at the time of check-in with baggage on frontier airlines. 

Find the discussed Frontier Airlines Check In Baggage guidelines to avoid delay for check in the airport. So Let’s get a deep dive into it.

Fees for Check In Baggage of Frontier Airlines

The fee structure of Frontier airlines is very nominal. The actual fee charges may vary according to your flight ticket class, route, flyer status etc. For more information you can visit the official website to solve all your queries and for knowing the exact fee which you have to pay.

The baggage fee is mentioned below

  • First checked bags fee is $30 to 50  and the maximum weight 50lbs and size is 62.
  • Second checked bags fee is $45  to $55 and the weight is 50lbs and size is 62.
  • Third checked bags fee is $85 to $95 and the weight is 50lbs and size is 62.
The fees for carry-on

For a single person one personal item is free. The carry bags should not be more than 10″ x 16″ x 24″ size and the weight 35lbs. You have to pay $60 if your bag size is larger than the limit.

The fee of checked bags

You can carry 50lbs with measurement of 62. The baggage fee starts from $30 to $55 according to your luggage.

The fee of excess baggage

If a single person has three or more than three bags then he has to pay $85 – $95 for each bag.

The fee of overweight baggage

 If the weight of your bag is more than 50lbs then you have to pay additional charges. A bag more than 99lbs is not allowed.

Check In Baggage Time of Frontier Airlines

Be punctual, if you don’t want to miss the frontier flight. Take the print out of your boarding pass with you and bags at the time of check in. The check in time of domestic flight is 45 minutes and for international is 60 minutes before. If you want to check in through your mobile or web then you have to check in before 60 minutes from the time of departure.

Your bags should not be more than 62 linear inches and the weight should not be more than 50lbs.

Frontier Airlines Check In Baggage Weight

Weight for personal item

Your personal item should not be more than 14 tall, 18 wide and 8 long. Your personal item bag can fit into the portion of the personal item, such as a purse, diaper bag, kids backpacks, laptop, totes etc.

Weight for carry -on bags 

Your carry-on bags should not be targeted than 24 tall, 10 wide and 16 long including the bags Handel’s, wheels and the straps of the bag. The bag should not be heavier than 35 pounds. Your carry-on bags are kept under your seat or overhead compartment like a small suitcase, wheeled bags or small duffel bags.

Weight for checked baggage

Your checked bags should be more than 62 linear inches including length, width, depth. And it should not be more than 50 pounds. You have to pay the additional charges if your weight exceeds the limitations. The additional charges for per bag is $75 and for overweight is $75 . If your bag’s weight is more than 100 pounds then your bag is not accepted. The additional charges for bags is 110 linear inches. So if you are planning to travel by plane so don’t forget to buy the bags which are specially designed for traveling in the plane.

Check In Baggage Online with Frontier Airlines

If you have checked in your baggage online then you have to drop your bags on the sign madeon the airports at the check in counters. From the time of departure you have to check in your bags before 45 minutes. Remember that for overweight and sized bags you have to pay extra

4 Ways to avoid baggage fees of Frontier airlines

  • Remember that your baggage should be fitted under your seat. Otherwise you have to give $60 extra. Always use a large purse, backpack, or small rolling bag.
  • The weight of your bag should be very light. Choose lightweight stuff below 50lbs.
  • Be creative to buy 26 pockets to keep small things with you.
  • Get shipping bags ahead means frontiers baggage fees are less expensive starts below as $15

In this way you can save your extra expenses on check in and baggage fares.

Wrapping Up

Find Frontier Airlines Check In Baggage details including the bagage fee, restrictions, allwoance etc. with these tips, you can easily check-in with your baggage at the airport without any hassle. If you still have any query related to frontier airlines baggage check in then you can comment us below.


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