We all are very much busy in our daily life due to our hostile schedule so it is mandatory to take a break after some time interval. Many people choose to travel some different places in all over the world. Traveling is the best treatment or worth for getting relax in your life.

At the time of traveling some activities like camping make your trip amazing. There are many different places around the world to camp, but here we discuss some incredible places to visit for camping in Asturias.

Austria is also famous as ”Green Spain’ or  “Spanish Switzerland” due to its lush countryside and high mountainous regions. There are various tourists visit this beautiful place every year for camping in Asturia.Here you can learn about all the details of these different places of Asturias according to their unique camping nature.

List Of Some Best Places For Camping In Asturias

  • Costa Verde
  • Picos de Europa
  • Las Hortensias
  • Arenal De Moris
  • Ribadesella
  • La Paz
  • La Cascada
  • Cudillero
  • Perlora
  • Las Gaviotas

Camping Costa Verde

Many people come to Costa Verde for camping on the coast because this spot is located on the beach at Colunga. This place gives you a different experience of camping than other famous places. Many shops, bars, restaurants and sports facilities are available here at this place so that you can purchase any essential item at any time and enjoy it without any stress.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Tourist can use high standard toilet block with a mix of British and Turkish style toilets (all British for women)
  • large showers and free hot water throughout
  • Laundry
  • Well stocked shop
  • Bar/restaurant is traditional and friendly
  • Play area
  • Torches needed
  • No electric barbecues
  • Free WiFi on part of the site

Camping Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa is also a famous place for camping which is located near to the river/stream. And this place attracts many people because of its surroundings by the mountain range which gives you a beautiful view for your camping. Picos de Europa is also an excellent place for those who like to do mountain activities. However, there are swimming pools, bar-restaurants, shops, bungalows and apartments for rent also available for the tourist.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Toilet facilities include a new fully equipped block for tourists
  • Few new facilities for disabled visitors and babies
  • Pleasant room with tables and chairs for inclement weather
  • Washing Machine & Dryer
  • Shop (July-Sept)
  • Swimming Pool (June-September)
  • Bar and cafeteria-style restaurant (all year) serves a good value menu ‘menu del dia’ and snacks
  • Play area
  • Fishing
  • WiFi in the restaurant area (free)
  • Torches necessary in the new tent area
  • No electric barbecues

Campsite Las Hortensias

Are you looking for a place to enjoy the combination of the sea and mountains? Then you can choose Campsite Las Hortensias for your trip. Campsite Las Hortensias are located in the Cantabrian coast of northern Spain. This is a marvelous place for those who want to enjoy camping with their family. Moreover, the campsite is near to the sandy beach which is allowing you to enjoy the beautiful morning and evening view.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Two adequate sanitary blocks
  • one with WCs only
  • Clean wash basin and shower
  • Washing Machine & Dryer
  • Basic Motorhome Services
  • Small supermarket
  • Bar with a terrace with beach view
  • Basic restaurants, snack bar and takeaway
  • TV in the bar
  • Play area
  • Gas and charcoal barbecues only
  • WiFi

Camping Arenal De Moris

Arnel de Maurice, located on the greenest coast of Spain in the north of Spain, attracts most camping lovers due to its natural beauty. The best part is that this camping site is situated a short distance from three fine sandy beaches, which helps you to enjoy the views of the beach site. People can also explore the calm steep cliffs and mountainous hills that make your trip unforgettable. This place is an ideal place for nature lovers, birdwatchers, surfers and sea angles.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Three toilet blocks provide comfortable
  • controllable showers and vanity style washbasins
  • private cabins
  • laundry facilities and external dishwashing (cold water)
  • Supermarket
  • Bar/restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis
  • Play area in a lemon orchard
  • Limited English is spoken
  • No electric barbecues
  • WiFi in the restaurant area

Camping Ribadesella

Looking for a medium-sized campsite? Then you need to visit the Camping Ribadesella which is near to the north coast of Asturias. Ribadesella is a historic fishing spot which is a two-part site broken by the mouth of the Sela River. The terraced nature of this campsite makes it different from all other capping sites and makes you appreciate a different experience. The most famous place for a friendly and family-friendly camping is “Playa Sauce”, which is only 600 meters from the sand and a 15-minute walk from the city.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Accommodation to Rent
  • Bicycle Hire on Site
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Outdoor Pool on Site
  • Restaurant
  • Shop on Site
  • Pets allowed

Camping La Paz

Various well-known medium-sized Asturias camping sites are available for the tourist so that people can choose their campsite according to their comfort. The La Paz camping site which is located on the rocky terraces on the northern coast of Spain is mostly chosen by tourists. The road is very steep for traveling to this place which makes it difficult for caravans with a car to reach this place. But there is also a towing facility available for the tourists so that they can easily reach this beautiful place without any hustle.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • There are new toilet blocks with well equipped and open plan washbasins
  • Baby bath
  • Full laundry facilities
  • Motorhome services
  • Restaurant and bar/snack bar with a small shops (Every season)
  • Watersports for tourist
  • Games room for all age people
  • Tourist can do Fishing
  • Torches useful in some areas
  • Only gas and charcoal barbecue
  • Available WiFi in the restaurant

Camping La Cascada

La Cascada, the remarkable camping site, is located about 10 km inland from the city of Navia. A part of this beautiful camping site comes to Vidiago beach which is a few minutes’ walk from this peaceful coastal site. La Cascada is a small campsite with some good facilities and a reservoir in a rural and quiet environment. Tourists can also enjoy the most beautiful views of all the Spanish coast and the clear blue sea here. You can visit this beach which is near to the blue sea for swims, sand loafing and rock pooling.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Well maintained toilet block
  • No specific facilities for visitors with disabilities
  • No washing machine for visitors
  • Many small Shops
  • bar and snacks (all season)
  • Restaurant (July/Aug)
  • Swimming pool with sun terrace available for all season
  • Play area
  • Fishing
  • Covered communal barbecue area
  • WiFi near bar area

Camping Cudillero

Cudillero is also the most preferred place to camping as the place distinguishes itself from others by its unique camping method. People can go camping here with bungalows and pool, which is a different way of camping and is also very comfortable. Those people love to do camping with their family can come here it is an ideal wake up place to spending their weekends and holidays.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • For tourists, there are very well maintained toilets and washrooms are available with hot showers.
  • Some good facilities for infants and disabled visitors
  • Washing machine and dryer. Shop. Bar/restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Play area
  • Gas and charcoal barbecues only
  • WiFi throughout (small charge)
  • 18 well-equipped chalets available to rent

Camping Perlora

Camping Perlora is also coming in the list of all small campsite which is located on a small rocky peninsula on the coast just north of Gijón. It is an Individual place that has a unique area with many terraces overlooking the sea. However, people can also spend their time in bars, restaurants, shops and a tennis court. Some rental facilities are also available for customers so that they can carry refrigerators and other useful things.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Campsite in Carreno with restaurant and bar
  • This smoke-free campsite features a restaurant,
  • 24-hour front desk services
  • Bar/lounge
  • Coffee shop/café.
  • Free WiFi Available for all tourist
  • Laundry facilities available
  • Garden for tourist
  • Free self-parking are also provided for tourist
  • You will get fully furnished kitchens with full-sized fridge/freezers, ovens, hobs and microwaves
  • Bathrooms include a shower

Camping Las Gaviotas

Las Gaviotas is a wonderful place to spend some beautiful time with your family members and camping. Most of the People visit this place from different destinations for an unforgettable holiday or weekend break. You can visit this place alone, with friends, relatives and your life partner but it depends on you how you feel comfortable.

Whenever you visit this place one time then you will definitely want to come in the future. Tourists can also enjoy this place by doing camping, there are many areas for pitches, mobile home rental, tourist apartments and a typical Asturian cider bar. You should enjoy the traditional food of this place which is delicious and amazing.

Facilities Available for camping in this place

  • Holiday apartments &bungalows
  • Car authorized on the site
  • Dogs allowed in high season
  • In the mountains
  • Winter camping
  • TV cable on the pitch
  • Water connection on the site
  • Restaurant & Cafeteria
  • Sanitary facilities accessible to all
  • Waterslide & Wild swimming
  • Sand beach


Whoever wants to camping in Astoria? Can take some important information from here which is helpful for their journey. In this page, we tell you about all the important details of camping in Astoria so that you can make your plan accordingly. Whenever you visit this beautiful place with your family members, what kind of benefits will you have and what should you take with you? You can find all this information in our blog, many people visit this place every year for camping and other activities. Now it depends on you what you want for your camping check here.