India is famous for its beautiful festivals in different seasons and all these festivals have their own distinct characteristics. Many people from different countries around the world come here to celebrate these festivals. “Holi the Vibrant Festival of Colors” is the most popular festival in India which is also made by other countries. In this festival, spring is celebrated to welcome the season in which people enjoy by throwing colored water and spray paint at each other.

Holi is celebrated at all places in India and the myth behind this festival is that it commemorates the demise of demon Holika by Prahlathan, a devotee of Lord Vishnu. In Holi, people enjoy this festival by doing different cultural dances and musical performances, puppet shows and much more besides the celebrations of the festival.

Although Holi is celebrated all over the country, but in some places Holi is most famous and different from others. In these places, there are many people who come from different states of India and other countries. All these people come to see the Vibrant Festival of Colors and the beautiful atmosphere of this festival.

Everyone knows that Holi is one of the most colorful festivals in India, in which all family members, relatives, friends and neighbors enjoy this festival together. People throw colored water and color powder at each other to celebrate. On this day, everyone is enjoying wearing colorful clothes (or wet clothes) on the street, house and everywhere. Some traditional snacks also made in home such as  “Gunjia”, “Papad”, “Chips”, “Methi” and “Salt Pare” for the guest.

Do You Know What Is The Festival Of Holi?

You must be wondering why people celebrate this festival of Holi, the reason behind the arrival of Harvest or Spring season. This festival is celebrated in two main classes these are Holika Dahan and Rangwali Holi. The “colorful festival” was also celebrated by old folks who believed that this festival is also mentioned in some Sanskrit literature and Hindu mythology. This joyous festival has been celebrated by the people since the 4th century AD.

What Is The History Behind Holika Dahan?

Holi is taken from a mythical female demon known as ‘Holika’. According to the scriptures of the Vedas, this female demon died when she tried to burn the son of her monster brother Hiranyakashyap. Therefore, to celebrate the victory over evil, the next day people covered each other’s face with ashes, which remained in the fire as a symbolic ritual. Over time, it changed during the duration of this festival to color each other’s faces with different colors.

Rituals Of Holi Festival

Most people think that Holi is only about playing colors with each other but there are many other rituals behind this colorful festival. Many rituals are performed in this festival of colors among many people. All organizations and associations observe all these rituals on the occasion of Holi. All these rituals have significance towards something that happened in mythological times. These are some basic popular rituals that people perform during the festival of Holi.

1. Throwing Color powder on each other

It is the most popular way of celebrating Holi among Hindus across the country. There are various ceremonies and functions also included with this festival. The ritual has a mythological connection to the story of Holika, the burning ashes of Hiranyakashipu, the female demon and her king’s brother.

2. Throwing Colored Water On People

There is another story regarding throwing powder in water on Holi and even dipping girls in water. It was also known that like many teenagers of his age, Lord Krishna was also very mischievous in his ways.

3. The Human Pyramid And Matka Pot

This is another celebration program which is organised by the local peoples . This program is mostly performed in the northern and western states of India(Punjab and Maharashtra). ‘Matka’ means an earthen pot and this butter is filled with milk. This pot of buttermilk is held by ropes from a height like a building or tree.

4. Lathmar : Hitting The Men With Sticks

It is the beating ceremony of the oring man where the neighboring villages / groups participate in this festival. It also has a mythological connection where Gopis, Krishna and Radha were involved, and is now a ritual. Males harass females and are then beaten by them with sticks.

5. Holika Dahan: Burning The Effigy Of Holika

The festival of Holi lasts for 2 days but rituals and celebrations take place a few days before the main festival. On the evening of the full moon day of Holi, all the people from different places run a custom, in which they collect sticks, store them in piles and burn a pyre.

What Is The Reason Behind The Holi Festival Of Colors?

There are many Hindu religious rituals behind Holi, due to which it is made a colorful festival. In Mathura, Lord Krishna was an avatar of Lord Vishnu, born in blue. The skin color of Lord Krishna was different from the skin color of other people and they also had some special abilities which are not available in normal humans. When he met Radha and played Holi with her, then all the other people also started playing with colors. Since that time, this festival has been celebrated as a color festival.

Holi celebrations of some famous states of India?

Holi is celebrated in all the states of India and many countries where there are Hindus especially in Nepal. Durbar Square is a famous place in Nepal to witness the Vipul Holi festival. In India, different regions are known for different methods of ceremonies or rituals performed during Holi.

1. Holi In Barsana

Barsana is a small village which is famous for this festival of Holi and is located near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. Holi festival is associated with the culture and tradition of this place, it is the most famous festival of this place. When you visit this place at the time of Holi, then you will see this place a beautiful paradise of bright colors. Here this festival is celebrated by old tradition where women beat men with small sticks laced with colored sticks and paper.

2. Mathura & Vrindavan Traditional Holi

If you want to feel the real joy of this festival without any commercialization then you need to visit Mathura or Vrindavan. Holi festival begins in Mathura, the ancient and beautiful city of Uttar Pradesh. On Holi day many people take out a long procession from the temple to Holi Gate with music, dance and celebration. It marks the beginning of the festival of Holi, which lasts for a week.

3. Holi In Shantiniketan

Want to enjoy Holi with all the cultural activities then you should visit Santiniketan in West Bengal. It is the best place to enjoy Holi with many cultural activities and Holi is also known as spring festival. There are many activities is doing by the local people here. These are Folk dances, music festivals, puppet shows and more are held throughout the city. All The temples of the city perform special rituals during this day.

4. Holi In Udaipur

Holi festival in Udaipur is held in royal style. Same like many places, Holika Dahan is done in the evening a day before Holi. The royal families of Udaipur also participate in this Holika Dahan ceremony to enjoy with all the common people. A procession of dance, music and celebration is formed throughout the city and the royal family is followed by the people from their palace to Manek Chowk. However, if you want to enjoy your Holi with the royal people and experience the royal families then you can visit the rich capital of Mewar state.

5. Holi In Delhi

If you like parties, loud music, stage shows, drama etc during Holi Festival. Then Delhi is the best option for you.

6. Holi In Goa

Many people enjoy Holi at Goa beaches along with their family, friends and relatives, who host big plays, mythological cut-outs, huge processions and shigmo with fun.

Some Important Tips For Celebrating Holi Festival In India

Holi is a fun festival which is usually celebrated by playing in a crowd. Here we discuss some tips for celebrating Holi in India to make this memorable celebration of your life memorable. If you do not feel colored or wet.

1. Sometimes we use powders that are not natural and contain some chemicals. And we are not even aware of that type of colors. So you should avoid those types of colors because they can affect you which keeps the skin dry.

2. You can apply some moisturizer, cold cream or coconut oil on your face to protect your skin from color or their side effects.

3. On this day of color, you should wear old clothes because if you wear new clothes then you cannot clean it again like new.

4. You can wear sunglasses to protect your eyes

5. People can keep their head around by wearing a hat or wrapping an old scarf to protect your hair from color or dye.

6. Women should avoid traveling on this day because some drunk and unruly aggressive types can cause some problems. You can celebrate Holi in a small group of your known friends and people.


Holi is celebrated in a vibrant way throughout India. Remember that locals will throw colored water at strangers without considering their dress, accessories or other. So keep your cameras and other valuables covered. Here we all discuss about different types of Holi which are celebrated by different states of India. Which is helping you to make your plan to participate in Holi Festival of India. Now it depends on you what kind of Holi you want to experience, so choose your place as per your convenience.


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