In order to impress your beloved there are many ways that are used by most people. You can give many types of gifts on this occasion of love like rings, roses and other things. But if you want to make your partner feel most unique and your partner is very special to you then you can take a trip with your lover on your Valentine’s day.

What better way to show that someone you want to be your valentine than steer them away from everything for a romantic weekend? Spending some good time (or nothing) together, combining good food with good company is the best way to say that I want to spend all my days with you.

Whether it’s hitting the slopes, hanging out in a cabin in the woods, walking on the beach, or exploring a quaint little village, nothing prepares you to be together like a trip together.

We have prepared a list of some different favorite places for you, so that you can relax, and romance between two flowers. Here we discuss some of the most romantic American cities for Valentine’s Day. Where you will spend your memorable valentine’s day with your love one.

Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day

1. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans

New Orleans draws you seamlessly into its mystery, romance and history. From jazz clubs to gourmet restaurants to the voodoo queens and the home of the murderous maven, there is certainly something to arouse the slow-burning coals of romance, or the white-hot passion of desire.

To get in the mood, take a Harbor Jazz Cruise, then go to the Cafe au Light and a beignet at Cafe du Monte. Be sure to have dinner at one of the city’s French Quarter Courtyard restaurants before strolling down Bourbon Street. Told the way to get his fortune in Jackson Square, and toured the city from one of the walking tour companies – be it a history tour, a ghost tour, or a dark tour after New Orleans, his lover’s hand. Must find an excuse to catch up.

2. Lanai, Hawaii


Going to Lanai, one of the most uninhabited places in the Hawaiian Islands, you can feel as if you have found an entire island. According to the locals there are few memories of a great warrior wife who died near Lanai. Her heartbroken husband buried her near one of the mountains and then jumped to her death in the surf below, unable to face life without her.

It is sure to romance with such spirits revolving around romance. Whether you stay in Four Seasons Lanai or any other resort, you will feel like you are staying in a tropical wonderland if you travel to Lanai with your beloved.

You can enjoy a horse ride through the Cook Pines or a picnic on the beach before sailing away for the day and return to dinner under the stars on a secluded section of the sea. Later, you and your lover can fantasize about returning to the island for your honeymoon – or to renew your vows!

3. Kennebunkport, ME


Have you ever imagined living in a city used as a resort by the most powerful men in the world? Well, outside the bungee jumping above the Grand Canyon, ie. Kennebunkport has long been known as a holiday destination for presidents. But if you want, you can turn it into a winter wonderland escape for yourself and your lover.

Draft-Horse Sleeve Ride via Snow, after which your snuggly adventure begins for a while on hot chocolate or on the slopes, followed by designing your own jewelry for your love with Maine featuring their Watermelon Tourmaline Get a chance of staying at the 150-year-old White Barn Inn means not only luxury accommodation, but also gourmet dining at the region’s only 5-star restaurant. If you are ready for adventure and are definitely experiencing walking, then climb the ghats to reach where countless lovers have changed their futures forever.

4. Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach

What could be more romantic than a trip to the state where dreams come true? Laguna Beach, located between Los Angeles and San Diego, is known for its picturesque beaches and relaxing atmosphere. After checking into one of the city’s historic taverns, visit some famous art galleries in the morning yoga session on the beach, and have lunch for two at a bistro near the coast.

After spending a grateful morning you should have some plan for your afternoon, there are lots of museums to wander from, and shops to visit. In the evening, You wouldn’t be complete without a candlelit dinner and a play at the nearly century-old Laguna Playhouse. And before you leave be sure to increase your agenda and add the whale.

5. Charleston, SC


One of America’s oldest cities, Charleston believes in walking back in time. The streets of Cobblestone, the historic church and couple overlooking the harbor, one-of-a-kind hotels, and Caribbean-themed architecture all lend to the city’s unique charm. Charleston is known for its amazing restaurants, as well as its boutique hotels, and has plenty of places where you can stroll and take in the sites.

From the harbor side, you can walk towards the sea of ​​the Pastel Southern Mansion, or glimpse Fort Sumter and the city was taken hostage by the Blackbirds and their people in the late 1700s. After dinner, you can enjoy a horse drawn car ride to the old part of the city before stopping Kaminski from indulging in their homemade confectionary, coffin or zesty cocktails.

6. Sedona, AZ


Did you know that? Sedona is a place with lots of breathtaking views. This is enough to encourage your most romantic Valentine’s Day trip, but its variety of activities for couples top it. These activities make your trip enjoyable and more funable so that you can get closer to your partner. In L’Auberge du Sedona, couples can relax together during a spa date before dining at a four-star restaurant at the resort and later enjoy a fully rose petal bari service with champagne and strawberries. Can be taken when you return from dinner. Breakfast at L’Auberge on Oak Creek before heading out for a jeep adventure on the Red Rocks or visiting a local winery.

7. New York, NY

New York

Everyone knows that New York is a city that never sleeps and so spending time in this city with your love is wonderful here. You can travel to Hayden Planetarium, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Diamond District or Central Park and there are still a million things left to roam together within a week. Attending a show on Broadway and a dinner at one of the city’s luxurious gourmet restaurants is a must.

If you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation then there are various options available for you. The Zenkichi restaurant with its own private dining booth and mysterious air, is one of the rivals if Land, Two If Sea, an 18th-century carriage house A restaurant located in and known for its 7-course tasting menu as the most romantic restaurant in the city. You should eat some delicious food from that restaurant with your loved one after your full day trip.

8. Gatlinburg, TN


Although Gatlinburg is possibly known for its family-friendly atmosphere, it is also a great place for couples to get away from it all. Huge views of the forest overlooking the mountains, along with many deckside hot tubs, offer a unique way to escape the bustle of real life. Determine whether your cabin has cell phone reception.

If you depend on your Spotify playlist to set the mood, then you want to be able to make sure to get a hint. Conversely, if you are planning a vacation from office e-mail, social media posts and annoying phone calls, you can book a spot that is slightly more than the grid.

9. Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole

If outdoor adventure is your kind of romance, then you might like some ski-in, ski-out resorts in Jackson Hole. Whether it’s swimming down the slopes or enjoying an après-ski hot chocolate in front of the fire, there is a plethora of cool – or not-so-cool – ways to spend time together.

At Spring Creek Ranch, you can roam in the splendid surroundings in your hotel room, or indulge in the time of a hot tub surrounded by snow. Their Valentine’s Day package includes a fireplace, breakfast, dinner, a couple’s massage and a room with a strawberry and champagne welcome package. Stunning views, snow saucer, or sled and evening turn-down service are included free.

10. Bald Head Island, NC

Bald Head Island

Looking for a silent place to spend some beautiful time with your loved one then you visit the coast of southern North Carolina, Bald Head Island is home to fewer than 200 residents and even fewer cars. Residents roam in golf carts and are wary of disturbing the fragile natural balance of the island, which is known for birding and sea turtle nests.

At VRBO, you can rent entire homes, such as the Bald Head Island Jewel, completely renovated in 2013 and ready for your weekend getaway. With the use of a new golf cart, you can put equipment around the island, watch the scenery or stay inside and just escape from your small island.


Many people choose different place to visit in valentine day with their loved one but if you are looking for the Best places to go on valentine’s day to make your bond Strong. In this blog we discuss some beautiful places for you which is helpful for you to make a good plan for your journey.


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